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Hi, as I read your features page, watch the flash demos and test with a try account, I become more and more impressed with your service. No, this is far more than average online backup service. When I read "online backup", I thought it's just some web pages that let's me upload my files, which I can find 100 such websites.

Your service is different. I agree that you have at least 5 times (maybe 10 times) more features than most other websites: automatic, scheduled, real-time backup; email backup, FTP, folder synchronization, encryption... So essentially, I believe this kind of backup service will replace local backup. I am currently using DVD and USB drive for my local backup, which I think eventually will migrate to your remote backup solution.

Anyway, I am surprised to find such a nice website. My suggestion is you need to send a very clear message that this backup solution can easily replace local backup solutions. I don't know what message is good. Maybe you just need to spend more money on advertisements?


12/20/2006 2:16:20 PM

Thanks for your comments. Yes, we have focused on offering good technologies, features and services. We have spent huge amount of money on R&D. This has proven to be successful in some way as most of our users like our service. We have received many many encouraging emails. We have not spent money marketing this service, however, we already have very big user base -- we are among top 4 such websites.

On the other hand, the service still doesn't look "exciting" to average users, esp. when they just take a quick glance of the website without trying our "differentiating" features. We will spend more on marketing this website / service. We would also like all of our members to share your files with all of your friends on DriveHQ.com. This way, we can pass on the savings to our users.

12/21/2006 11:48:13 AM

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