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When trying to upload my documents from DriveHQ.com, I either get a message that my document cannot be displayed by the browser AND if I try 'uploading' it, I get the same problem...I’ve tried "saving the target as" option also and all it saves is a HTML. image that tries displaying the document from a web browser when I click on it...so same problem there too.

This is a major issue because if I am using an other than personal computer, I won’t have the File Manager or the FTP Network Drive installed on that computer....and the website is not downloading my documents.  So how would I get to my documents?  

4/16/2009 8:40:11 AM

Well based on your message, I guess you mean download files, not upload.

Please note web browser can only preview certain file types:

JPG, GIF, BMP, HTML, Text files, PDF, some streaming media files, etc.

For Microsoft office documents, if you have Office or Office Viewer installed, you probably can preview them in Internet Explorer. To download the files, please select one file only and click on Download button in the ShowFolder page; you can also click on the Download link it the ShowFile page.

Please also note DriveHQ FTP service can be used to drag and drop files without installing any client software. Windows Explorer supports basic FTP features. You just need to enter:




4/16/2009 2:48:26 PM

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