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Well i get this message saying pass not allowed how can i fix this or am i spouse to use a different password?

5/20/2009 3:19:16 AM

I don't see any problem with your account. Please email us more detailed info about the problem. We need to know which software you are using . Are you using a web browser, DriveHQ FileManager, Online Backup or EmailManager? A screenshot will be very helpful.

You and your spouse can certainly share the same username / password if you like to.

5/20/2009 10:35:06 AM

Good day,

Am a user of drive hq account.

Username: basirat

pls i have been using your ftp account for my license keylogger (ardamax keylogger) to monitor my spouse legitimately. But suddenly (2 days ago), i stopped receiving files from my drivehq account and when i try to figure out what happened, i got this message {CAN NOT CONNECT TO FTP HOST! THE PASSWORD WAS NOT ALLOWED}. I TRIED MY OTHER DRIVEHQ ACCOUNT AND IT WAS OK. ONLY THIS ONE HAS THE ERROR.....PLS ENLIGHT ME...............BECAUSE THE ACCOUNT IS FUNCTIONING WELL BUT NOT SENDING THE FILES WHICH I DO RECEIVE REGULARLY



10/16/2010 12:41:00 PM

 DriveHQ free FTP hosting service is designed for personal and casual use only. It has a built-in anti-abusing and monitoring system. Most users won't notice it. However, if you use automatic software / device that keeps connecting to DriveHQ FTP server, it will be affected.


Automatic device / software such as Security Camera / KeyLogger software keeps logging on DriveHQ FTP server and uploads files. This creates hundreds of times of more load than an average user; thus it is automatically detected as abusing our service. Moreover, using KeyLogger software is very controversial as it is often used in stealing other users' info. 


In your case, your account has not been disabled. You must order our paid service to continue using our service.


If an account has been disabled for abusing our service and if you would like the account to be re-enabled, you must provide a private domain business email address, or provide a copy of your valid Photo ID / credit card. We can then re-enable your account. You must order our service to continue using our service.

10/16/2010 10:12:52 PM

DriveHQ has launched www.cameraFTP.com, a new FTP service optimized for IP cameras. DriveHQ offers a complete Cloud IT Solution, which includes a state-of-the-art FTP server hosting service. Many security camera users have used our FTP service to store the recorded images offsite. Because DriveHQ.com has so many features, it might be a little hard to find the right features for security cameras.

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Security cameras are not secure themselves. They can be easily destroyed or tampered. By using CameraFTP service, even if an intruder destroys the security camera, he cannot delete the images stored in CameraFTP's secure data center.

If you already have a security camera (or network camera, IP camera, surveillance camera), you definitely should try our CameraFTP service. If you don't have a security camera yet, you might want to buy one now. The cost has dropped dramatically in the past few years. Now you can buy a decent quality wireless security camera for only about $100. Dependent on your image quality and upload frequency, CameraFTP service starts at only $1.5/month!

For only about $100 to a few hundred dollars, you can make your home or business much more secure. Isn't it a very good investment?

6/25/2012 4:48:45 PM

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