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I have 5 folders synched up with my computer and three computers in which I am synching the information too (mine is a local to server, everyone else is server to local).  The folders keep disappearing off of the backup site, even though its completely normal on my computer.  I go to fix the problem by going to Tools, synchronization and then hitting the synchronizing button but since the folder disappears off of the HQ website, there is nothing to synch it too.  I have no idea why.  It is getting really frustrating because when someone else goes to get that information, it’s gone despite of the fact that I put it up three times already.   Can someone please tell me how to make sure that my folders do not disappear?  Thanks!

5/23/2009 4:43:56 PM


The problem seems to be caused by another user who has sync-ed with the folder. If another user deletes any folders/files locally, it will cause the folders being deleted online.


Please try to create a different sync-ed folder and see if it works fine.


If you still have problems, please email us more detailed info.


5/25/2009 5:15:49 PM

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