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Hi I just bought the 10GB/40GB Professional Plan and tried to upload a file (just over 2 GB) but I noticed the upload screen says 2GB maximum file size per file? - Your 'Pricing & Plan' webpage on your site says unlimited file size? I cant upload my bigger than 2GB file this way.

Anyway I downloaded your 'DriveHQ FileManager' software to upload my file that way and all seemed to be working fine, until a few minutes of uploading has happened and I noticed my file upload status has changed from 'Transfering' to 'Stopped'.

This happened by itself, my network & internet connectivity have not been interrupted during this time. Strange, so I click the 'Resume' button to start the upload again but after a few minutes the same thing happens - my upload stops by itself. Right now I am constantly having to click the 'Resume' button every few minutes to keep it going.

Whats happening? The file is over 2GB and I want to go to bed, I'm too tired to continue watching my upload constantly for the next 15 hours so I can click resume every few minutes.

So please help.


Many thanks,






6/21/2007 10:07:45 AM

Sorry for the inconvenience. Uploading a file of 2GB or bigger is challenging. Using the operating system default FTP or web browser (Internet Explorer), it cannot upload files bigger than 2GB, which is a limitation of the OS.

However, with DriveHQ FileManager, you can upload unlimited size files. This is because DriveHQ FileManager can divide large files into smaller pieces. This way, as long as it can upload small pieces, it can upload any size files. Another benefit is, if the network is not reliable, it can resume upload.

Now, your problem appears to be a network issue. Could you tell us what kind of network connection is it? What router do you have? How fast does upload go? What is your OS and version?

In the past, we have seen some routers stopped working when uploading very large files. Your ISP or anti-virus software could also block it from uploading very large files.

In anyway, FileManager should be able to resume uploading files automatically in most cases. In our testing, we have no problem uploading files of very large size.

You can also try third-party FTP client software, such as wsFTP, smartFTP, etc.

6/22/2007 1:23:52 AM

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