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 I have a daily backup.  Apparently we got hit with one of thosse crypto viruses.  The latest backup was just a backup of the encrypted files so is useless.  How do I browse the previous backups to see if the previous day was infected before I go and restore 60G of files only to find they are encrypted as well?

11/19/2017 10:04:30 AM

From your DriveHQ Online Backup software, click the Restore tab, then select a backup task on the left-hand side. Click "Restore to new location". If you know when you were hit with the encryption virus, then you can select "Restore the version before", and enter a time before the virus attack.

Please see the screenshot below:


Alternatively, you can navigate to a subfolder, and then right click on it and select "Restore to New Location".

11/20/2017 2:30:51 AM

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