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i have lost my data 

2/2/2018 4:40:26 AM

 dear admin ,

please tell process to recover my data .  where is my data ???



2/2/2018 4:55:03 AM

 Hello Deepak, 

The account in question was free account created in 2009 that was not accessed for more than a 6 year period. As per our terms and conditions, DriveHQ does reserve the right to clear out data for any non-paid accounts that are considered abandoned. You should have received emails warning you about your account inactivity leading up to the first year. 

We apologize for any data you've lost due to being inactive. In the future, please be sure to either have a paid subscription to avoid this limitation, or logon to your account every few months to remain active. Please email support@drivehq.com if you have other questions. 


DriveHQ Support

2/2/2018 8:09:56 AM

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