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Suddenly i can't send emails using outlook 2003, outlook express or even  livemail.

Tested on windows 7 and windows xp.

Everything worked fine before.

i'm using mail.drivehq.com for pop3 and smtp

and smtp requires authentication option


Jorge Ducano

9/11/2010 5:55:45 AM

Just found out the reason.

It was avast that wasn't letting me send emails via drivehq.

Strangely, I have other accounts, but it was happening only

with drivehq.


9/11/2010 3:12:43 PM

Thank you for the info. If you could find any error message, please email us. You can also contact Avast customer support about the problem.

9/11/2010 5:39:48 PM

 i need to sent the mail,gmail to driverhq

3/20/2018 1:46:46 AM


It seems that you have a free account with DriveHQ. Non-paying members are restricted on receiving emails and with how many emails can be sent out in a day. This restriction was implemented to prevent individuals from spam emailing using our service. If you want to be able to both send and receive using our email service, you will need to order a subscription starting at $1.99/mo. 

Feel free to email support@drivehq.com with any other questions. 

DriveHQ Support

3/20/2018 8:28:36 AM

Quickly Reply

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