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does drivehq support SFTP or ftp over SSL in free accounts?
How do i connect over SFTP using clients like filezilla or cuteftp?
What are port numbers?

3/11/2008 9:24:06 AM

DriveHQ FTP supports FTP over SSL / TLS; you can use the default ports to connect to DriveHQ FTP. Both explicit and implict FTP over SSL are supported.

If you use DriveHQ FileManager, it uses HTTP / HTTPS.

3/12/2008 6:28:40 PM

DriveHQ supports both SFTP and FTP over SSL (FTPS/FTPES).  Both SFTP and FTPS are secure.  FTPS is available to free service members. However, SFTP is only available to paid members. (The price starts at only $1.99/month)

To use SFTP, you need to connect to proftp.drivehq.com (instead of ftp.drivehq.com). For more info about how to configure SFTP with FileZilla, please visit:


4/19/2018 1:29:54 AM

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