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I am using linux lftp (https://lftp.yar.ru/ version 4.6.3a) to connect to your ftp server. I am using Ubuntu Xenial 16.04.05.
I have successfully transferred files using FTP but I am failing using SFTP.
I can log in, the file transfer but hangs waiting for a response following the file transfer.
I can successfully transfer files using with sftp using filezilla and WinSCP.
The debug output from lftp is given below.
lftp -d -u <USER>,<PASSWORD> sftp://proftp.drivehq.com -e "mput test_file.txt; bye"
---- Running connect program (ssh -a -x -s -l reynot proftp.drivehq.com sftp)
---> sending a packet, length=5, type=1(INIT), id=0
<--- reynot@proftp.drivehq.com's password: XXXX
<--- got a packet, length=5, type=2(VERSION), id=0
---- protocol version set to 3
---> sending a packet, length=10, type=16(REALPATH), id=1
<--- got a packet, length=78, type=104(NAME), id=1
---- home set to /
---- path on wire is `/casella_test_file.txt'
---> sending a packet, length=39, type=3(OPEN), id=2
<--- got a packet, length=31, type=102(HANDLE), id=2
---- got file handle 2F636173656C6C615F746573745F66696C652E747874 (22)
---> sending a packet, length=72, type=6(WRITE), id=3
---> sending a packet, length=43, type=10(FSETSTAT), id=4
---> sending a packet, length=31, type=4(CLOSE), id=5
<--- got a packet, length=38, type=101(STATUS), id=3
---- status code=0(OK), message=DriveHQ SFTP Server
`test_file.txt' at 29 (100%) [Waiting for response...]

2/5/2019 8:16:18 AM

 Hi Reynot, I have same issue on CentOS, it seems they have fixed, it works to me now, you can try again.

2/26/2019 5:19:12 PM

 I can confirm this now this works using my setup above.

Many Thanks!

2/27/2019 5:41:41 AM


I also use linux lftp to connect to your ftp server by Linux 16.04 with command line: lftp -d -u hoaittt***@gmail.com,***** ftps://ftp.drivehq.com:21; set ftp:ssl-protect-data true;set ftp:ssl-force true;set ftp:ssl-auth TLS;set ftp:ssl-auth SSL;

But not working,The debug output from lftp is given below:

---- Connecting to ftp.drivehq.com ( port 21
**** gnutls_handshake: An unexpected TLS packet was received.
---- Closing control socket


ls: Fatal error: gnutls_handshake: An unexpected TLS packet was received.


9/11/2020 1:59:36 AM

 SFTP is only supported on proftp.drivehq.com. proftp is for paid members only; you must be a paid member to use SFTP.

9/11/2020 8:21:11 AM

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