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Recently purchased enterprise plan with a few users. We currently have about 4 people mapped via webDAV to DriveHQ and it works fine, however we can't seem to map any more. The error we get is "Failed to connect to DriveHQ, please check your network and try again".

We do not have any issues with the network, and there is no firewall/antivirus in place to restrict such connections. The issue only started happening after 3-4 people were connected, it will not connect any more users.


9/2/2019 3:48:54 AM

We just checked the system and everything appears to be normal. Please check if you can log on to DriveHQ.com website. If so, you should be able to log on.

DriveHQ WebDAV Drive Mapping service does not limit number of concurrent connections. You can have multiple users, each having multiple computers connected to the cloud drive.

The problem you reported appears to be a network problem. (e.g. your router, firewall, ISP or anti-virus software blocked connection to DriveHQ.com website, or your DNS server is having a problem). If you cannot solve the problem, please open the Drive Mapping Tool software, click Advanced, then click Event Log -> "Send Event Logs to Support".  We can then check the problem further.  Please also tell us if the problem only affects new computers? What about the cloud drives that you have aleady mapped?


9/2/2019 12:04:28 PM


It's not a network problem. This morning the users that were connected via WebDAV wouldn't connect first time when they put their computers on. They kept on getting errors signing in... either it would time out and say it couldn't connect, or it said the username/password was wrong (which we know it isn't).

The users kept on pressing connect over and over again, and eventually they got connected on. I'm concerned that this will happen daily.

There is no restrictions in place for the network, and we have another WebDAV service which works fine (so we know the ISP isn't causing an issue)


9/3/2019 4:03:10 AM

We have no other users reporting this issue and we cannot duplicate the problem here. Note DriveHQ has over 3 million registered users; WebDAV Drive Mapping is one of our main features. We use it in our offices ourselves.

Your problem is very weird. If possible, please test it from a different location (e.g. from your home, or with a different ISP, e.g. use your mobile hotspot).  If you cannot solve the problem, please call or email us directly. We'd like to solve the problem for you ASAP. Also, please send the Event Log. (open the WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool software, click Advanced, then click Event Log -> "Send Event Logs to Support". )


9/3/2019 9:06:24 AM

It was tested offsite and hotspot with the same issuea, but it seems to be behaving much better today for some reason. Il keep an eye on it and do as you suggest with the logs if it happens again.


9/4/2019 5:38:30 AM

Great to know it works fine now. If it happens again, please send the event log.

Please note: if you cannot duplicate the problem, you can still send the event log to us. It might already have the log info.

9/7/2019 12:53:25 AM

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