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When I share a folder to a group of users, and in that share I "Exclude" a folder, that folder is still visible and accessable by the users, even though they should have no rights to it.

Can you assist?


9/26/2019 8:12:16 AM

When you share a folder, you can exclude one or more subfolders from being shared. You just need to enter the subfolder names in the "Exclude folders/files" box. Multiple names can be separated by "|".

We just tested it and It works fine. Please note the subfolders must be the immediate subfolders of the share's root folder. For example, if you share a cloud folder: \SHAREROOT; in the folder, there are two subfolders: \SHAREROOT\SUB1 and \SHAREROOT\SUB2; in SUB1, there is a subfolder: \SHAREROOT\SUB1\NEST1, you can exclude SUB1 and/or SUB2, but you cannot just exclude NEST1.

Alternatively, you can move a subfolder to a different location. For example, you can move \SHAREROOT\SUB1 to \NOTSHARED\SUB1.

If you have more questions, please feel free to send an email to support.



9/26/2019 12:10:55 PM


Yes, this is how I understand it to work, but it is not working for me. I have the setup:


On the share details for SHAREFOLDER, I have entered SUB5 to be excluded, yet our users can still see SUB5 and can modify it's contents.


9/26/2019 4:24:43 PM

You might want to send an email to DriveHQ support with a screenshot showing your problem. I checked your account and could not find a share with Excluded subfolders. I created a test share with a subfolder excluded. You can log on to your main account, click Manage Shares, then sort it by Create Time. Click the share name to see the share details. It works fine.


9/26/2019 5:58:05 PM

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