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We've just started having issue with the drive mapper and sync client. Our users cannot update files. New files seem to upload ok most of the time, but if a user then edits an excel document for example, adds data and saves, it does not save. They reopen the document and no update has been performed. SOmetimes they get an error message about API error code 4.

We've re-installed the client, cleared cache, everything. It's only just started happening.

This is a big issue for us and no one can update files. If we can't get this resolved urgently then we will have to take our data elsewhere.


11/1/2019 8:26:06 AM

Please NOTE: messages on the support forum are public and can be viewed by anybody on the Internet! Please don't post personal/confidential info on the support forum. (You can also contact DriveHQ support via email or phone directly.)
This seems to be a very severe issue. However, I cannot duplicate the problem. Please provide more detailed info:

(1) Your operating system version, and ideally a screenshot showing the problem.

(2) Please click Advanced in the Drive Mapping Tool, then click Event Log and "Send Event Logs to Support".
(3) Does it only happen on one computer or multiple computers?
If possible, our engineers like to check the problem remotely. Please contact DriveHQ support directly via email. You can also try to reset (delete) the Drive Mapping Tool settings: 
(1) Quit the Drive Mapping Tool (DMT). (From the Windows notification area, right click on the DMT icon at the bottom-right corner of your screen, then select Exit. )
(2) Stop the DriveHQ WebDAV Proxy Service. (Type in "services.msc" in the search box at the bottom-left corner, or run it from a command window. Select the service and then click the Stop icon.):
(3) Delete or rename the folder:
If the problem affects other DriveHQ programs, you can delete/rename the folder:
After the above steps, you can restart the DriveHQ WebDAV Proxy service and then launch DMT again. If the problem is caused by program data corruption, this usually can solve the problem.

11/1/2019 9:58:43 AM


It's happening today pretty much all of our users, and some of them are not in the same location so using different internet providers. I have tried reinstalling the client multiple times and wiping the DriveHQ folder but it did not resolve the issue. 

It only just started happening... I'll try and get a screenshot.


11/4/2019 1:09:21 AM

Please click Advanced in the Drive Mapping Tool, then click Event Log and "Send Event Logs to Support". We sent you an email for additional trouble-shooting. Please reply our emails. 

11/4/2019 1:14:28 AM


I've replied to your email



11/4/2019 2:47:38 AM

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