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I have been consistently getting errors like the one below for a week or so now and my Backup tasks mostly all have an Error status. I downloaded and installed the latest version and the errors seemed to go away for a day or so but now they are back. 

Anybody know what may cause this, the files in error all seem to be present in the folder.

Fail to Upload log file C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\DriveHQ\DriveHQ Online Backup\6048726\backup_BackupUserHazel.dat.4.0 to \DriveHQData\DriveHQ WWWBackup\Info: Unknown error



7/1/2010 3:34:51 AM

Sorry for the slow response. We are not sure about the problem. Please email us more detailed info about your backup tasks; also try to manually start the backup task and see how it goes.

To pin-point the problem, it is better if you can open the Progress Dialog so that you can tell what the software is doing: which file it is uploading and the detailed error message. Sometimes, the problem can be caused by a corrupted file on your local disk.

Whenever you see any upload problem, please double check your Internet connection, make sure you can logon www.drivehq.com using Internet Explorer. Also try to upload the file using DriveHQ FileManager client software and see if it works. If you still have problems, please email us the detailed info and a screenshot of the problem.


FYI, we are launching a new version "Cloud Storage & Cloud IT Solution 5.0" system. Once launched, you can try the new version Online Backup 5.0. We expect the new version will be launched very soon. (within 2 weeks).


7/13/2010 2:40:19 PM

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