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 Good morning, sir,
My username is: FRUIDALE
I have this message: "Used Download Bytes"
What should I do to solve this problem?
Do I still have a balance in my account?

3/24/2020 3:21:49 AM

Very few users need more download bytes as DriveHQ has included a lot of download bytes per month, esp. for business users.

If you use our service to host some large files (e.g. large video files or software installers) for many people to download, then you might need more download bytes.

Your "used download bytes" is automatically reset on the day of the month when you signed up a free account on DriveHQ.com. If you need a lot of download bytes per month, you can consider ordering a "download bytes" plan. The price ranges from$69/month to $39/month, dependent on your plan level. 

3/24/2020 9:22:47 AM

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