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I use an ftp application to upload files to drivehq free account and accessing via mulesoft. It worked fine for 5 hrs and later I get the error " Could not establish FTP connection with host: 'ftp.drivehq.com' at port: '21' - Error code: 530 - User cannot log in".... I've used only 5MB out of 1GB in drivehq. When I try to ftp from mobile hotspot ip ie. another internet connection, it doesn't works. So, it think drivehq blocked my ip...any chance for it? plz help

4/10/2020 10:18:37 PM

Our FTP Server Hosting service is an enterprise feature. If it is used for business, you need to order an enterprise plan. You can try our free FTP service for business purposes. Please note the free service has a lot of restrictions. If you test it intensively, you probably will reach the limit very soon. You can order a monthly service, or contact DriveHQ customer support.

We offer limited free FTP service to personal users. Free FTP hosting service can be used for personal and casual use only, e.g. a user may use FileZilla to upload some files to his DriveHQ account, or download some files from the DriveHQ cloud. 

Free FTP service cannot be used with automatic FTP software, FTP scripts or FTP devices such as IP cameras or DVRs. For IP cameras/DVRs, you must use CameraFTP.com service instead. 

DriveHQ's FTP service cannot be used for Keyloggers and other software that are often used for illegal purposes.

4/13/2020 9:19:04 AM

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