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Windows cannot access this folder. Make sure you typed the file name correctly and that you have permission to access the folder.

Details:- the ftp session was terminated



why do i keep getting this when i try usin windows XP network

12/10/2010 1:32:00 PM

Please make sure you have typed in the ftp address correctly:

From Windows Explorer, type ftp://username:password@ftp.drivehq.com (replace username and password with your own).  If you have a free account, there is a limit to number of log-ons per day.  Typically, this limit is 25.  If you have further questions, please e-mail us at support@drivehq.com.  And please provide as much detail as possible.

12/10/2010 1:51:07 PM

it keeps happening for few hours then it works then it stops again. any idea on how to avoid it?

12/12/2010 12:38:25 PM

Due to our huge user base, DriveHQ FTP site always has a very high number of concurrent connections. In order to serve more customers efficiently, our FTP site automatically disconnects idle FTP connections in about 4 minutes of inactivity. For a free service user, it is recommended to connect to our FTP site only when you need it, and disconnect it when finished. If you have a paid account, it should work better, plus, you can also access another FTP site: proFTP.drivehq.com


1/28/2011 4:49:40 PM

 I had to recover this website VIA ftp but failed to upload all of its contents just because of limited space www.cheers4all.com

11/17/2012 1:48:54 AM

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