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I am unable to save files to DriveHQ server on my iPad. I receive this message. What is the problem? 

6/3/2020 2:26:23 PM

Could you please tell us which app you use? 

To save files to DriveHQ, you need to use WebDAV or DriveHQ FileManager for iOS.

Many iOS productivity apps support WebDAV, e.g. iWork, Pages, etc. To connect to a WebDAV server from iPad, you will need to use our secure WebDAV URL. If the app requires a WebDAV Server name only, then you just need to remove "https://" from the Secure WebDAV URL. Username and password are not needed. Please visit this support page for an example:



You can also save a file to DriveHQ with DriveHQ FileManager. For example, to save a file to DriveHQ from MS Office:


To save a file from Voice Memo to DriveHQ:






6/4/2020 1:54:56 AM


I tried the above link and followed the instructions and the DriveHQ FileManager icon didn't show .please explain why?

6/6/2020 1:21:19 PM

You need to install DriveHQ FileManager for iPad first. Go to App Store, search for DriveHQ, and you can find DriveHQ FileManager for iPad (and iPhone). After you install the app, you should be able to save files to DriveHQ cloud using the above method. 

If you still cannot solve it, could you please send the screenshots showing your problem? We tested it on both iPhone and iPad, and it works fine. 

6/9/2020 1:10:07 AM

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