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I am using the free service and I am aware of the 50MB upload limit per upload. I have files that I would like to transfer automatically (most of them are below 50MB, with one file being around 70MB), and I have written a script using ncftpput to perform this operation (pausing 11 minutes between each transfer).

When I schedule my script to run at 6pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time - GMT+10), the script runs perfectly - for the 70MB file, it uploads the first 50MB, then pauses for 11 minutes before resuming the remaining 20MB. However, when I change the schedule to 12.30am or 2am AEST, then the transfer of 70MB file will fail - it will transfer the first 50MB, then pause for 11 minutes, and instead of resuming the next 20MB, it re-uploads the first 50MB again.

Is there any explanation as to why this is happening - I've tried searching the forums and FAQs to check if there are any limitations around this area, but could not find anything. Could someone please shed some light or workaround to this issue please? The whole transfer process takes about 3 hours to complete (including pauses), and it generally takes about 15 minutes for me to upload 50MB. I preferably like to start the upload process after 10pm AEST and have the upload completed before 8am AEST. Any suggestions on when would be the ideal time for me to schedule my task?

Please kindly get back to me. Your help and contribution is greatly appreciated.


3/21/2011 6:21:30 PM

Sorry we cannot help you in this case. Please understand that the free service is designed for personal and casual use only. If you use automatic scripts that "break" our restrictions, that is really against our terms and agreement. You should consider upgrading to a paid account, it starts at only $2.99/month. If you order annually, you save 2 months at only $29.99/month. 


3/26/2011 2:16:23 AM

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