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Man, this is a great website! I am glad I kept clicking on next in the search result. Why are you guys not the first one in search? Damn google or damn you to keep such a secret?

You guys have the real online storage service! I feel I was an idiot when I used xdrive and box.net and thought they were online storage. Great work on your FTP solution and your WWWBackup is awesome. Thank you and keep the good work! - sleeplessman

9/5/2006 3:21:27 AM

"So DriveHQ's business model is simple. We have always been a technology and service oriented company. We spend little money on marketing. You cannot easily find us on search engine or anywhere. We leverage on our good products and technologies, we rely on our existing user base, we rely on our partners. We are still little known, but we have already become one of the largest online storage service providers. The largest digital media software company, Sonic Solutions/  Roxio (NASDAQ: SNIC), is our co-branded partner. We have signed up more and more partners. At the core of our business, we want to create value to consumers and businesses; and we are very willing to work with partners.

If business is tough? yes, sure it is; more than 90% of companies in this sector will be out of business in a couple years. We are confident that we will be the few companies to survive. "

9/5/2006 3:20:16 PM

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