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I neec to give that to an app (orgzly) that ask me URL, username e psw.

Where can I find it?




10/18/2022 4:21:32 AM

 (sorry, need, not neec)...

10/18/2022 6:08:14 AM

Please watch this tutorial video about how to map a WebDAV drive without installing DriveHQ WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool. In the video, you can see the WebDAV URL. If you need to map to a specific folder, just append the folder path to the URL.

10/18/2022 9:07:37 AM

 I'm sorry, but what I'm looking for is:- how can I have a URL to passa to my app that need to access a file on a WEBDAV cloud?

I mean: on my phone (android 10 or more) I've downloaded DriveHQ FileManager that should open my DriveHQ repository. Isn't it?

I need access to a folder on DriveHQ to use a file inside my folder. How can I access that folder from my app? I need a URL,, userid and psw. How can I obtain it?





10/21/2022 7:53:48 AM

Did you watch the video? It is explained at 42". Here is a screen capture:


The WebDAV URL is: https://webdav.drivehq.com, or you can append the folder path such as: https://webdav.drivehq.com/FOLDERPATH

Log in with your DriveHQ account username and password. 


With the above WebDAV method, you can access DriveHQ cloud storage without installing DriveHQ's app. If you can install DriveHQ FileManager app on your mobile device, then you don't need WebDAV. With DriveHQ FileManager mobile app for Android and iOS, you can directly edit cloud files on DriveHQ, or save files to DriveHQ cloud from other apps. For more info, please watch these videos:

For Android: https://youtu.be/uoRSgdozst8

For iOS: https://youtu.be/o3qP35tDxeA







10/25/2022 4:23:42 PM

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