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hai, can you help me, i use camdo for the client, and i want to upload the file, which side need to configure the passive mode?


4/12/2023 5:49:42 AM

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) passive mode is a data transfer mode used by FTP clients and servers to establish a data connection for file transfers. In passive mode, the FTP server opens a port and listens for incoming data connections from the FTP client. The FTP client then establishes a data connection to the specified port on the server to transfer data. This is different from the traditional FTP active mode, where the client opens a port and listens for incoming data connections from the server.

To clarify, the mode of data transfer between passive mode and active mode is determined by the FTP client, and therefore, it is necessary to configure it in the FTP client settings.

I do not know your usage scenario, if you are simply uploading or downloading files, it is recommended that you use popular FTP clients such as FileZilla or WinSCP.


4/12/2023 7:33:40 AM

Thank you for the explanation, i understand  now


My scenario  is upload a photo using upblink device (camdo is the developer

Every time i try to upload, i get message error "Upload Error: 200 Type set to I Status Upload Error: 550 Permission denied"


4/12/2023 7:43:38 AM

Please provide the detailed FTP log. We need to know all FTP requests and responses. We recommend that you check it with FileZilla and compare the FTP requests sent by FileZilla with your FTP requests. As of permission issues, all users have full access to their own My Storage root folder. To limit access to a folder, you need to use the Folder Sharing feature. You can share folders with different users and set different permissions. Please watch this tutorial video for very detailed step-by-step instructions:



Please also note that DriveHQ's FTP/SFTP service is for regular business use only. It is not offered to free users and personal users. (Free/personal users can try our FTP service).

If you use IP cameras/DVR/NVR, you must use our CameraFTP cloud recording service. Please visit www.cameraftp.com for more info. 


4/12/2023 9:37:46 AM

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