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 I'm new here.  Setup account yesterday.  Configured 2 cameras to upload to FTP.   All working OK for many hours.


This morning nothing is getting uploaded.

Cam1 says 'login failed'.

Cam2 says 'test failed'.


I can log on to DriveHQ via web and app, but have reset password anyway.


Any suggestions?

6/20/2023 1:04:30 AM

Sorry DriveHQ's FTP server cannot be used for IP cameras/DVR/NVRs. It is forbidden based on our service agreement. You can use DriveHQ FTP/SFTP server for normal business use. For IP camera/DVR/NVR cloud storage, please use CameraFTP.com service instead. CameraFTP is a DriveHQ division, but is separate from DriveHQ.com cloud service.

CameraFTP offers very broad Cloud Recording, Surveillance, Home & Business Monitoring, Time-lapse recording, Camera Publishing & Live Streaming, DVR Backup, Use PC as CCTV DVR System, etc. Please visit www.cameraftp.com for more detailed info. We have created a lot of tutorial videos. Please watch some videos based on your needs.


6/20/2023 1:46:59 AM

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