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I have a paid plan for 13GB of storage.  It is to my understanding that download bytes is 4 times the storage limit per month.  Since I have 13GB of storage Shouldn't I have then 52GB per month od download??  If so, why does it say my limit is 9.4GB per month.  

1/11/2024 12:58:42 AM

Sorry we replied your email, but forgot to reply this message. The 8GB (+5GB free) plan is a very old personal plan that had been discontinued. Our new Personal/Family Service Plans start with 64GB of storage space. The personal plans are priced significantly lower than business plans in terms of storage space, but they are designed for personal usage scenarios. They are not suitable and should not be used for business purposes. Personal plans are optimized for storing large image/video files, e.g. backing up your smartphone/tablet with DriveHQ FileManager for iOS and Android.

For business plans, we offer a lot more download bytes than personal plans (per month). The service plan you mentioned is an old personal plan, it comes with only 8GB of download bytes/month. Please note that our service terms require personal plans only be used for personal purposes. In addition, some features are not included in personal plans (or included only for the demo purposes). The FTP/FTPS/SFTP feature is a business feature and is not included in our personal service plans. 

If you need it for business, or if you need the FTP/FTPS/SFTP feature, please order a business plan. The lowest business plan is the “business basic with 3 users” plan. It offers 3 sub-user licenses (total 4 user accounts), 15GB storage space and 60GB download bytes/month for only $144/year (or $15/month if pay monthly). Most other business cloud services charge over $15/user/month. For non-profit organizations such as schools, churches and government offices, etc., we can offer a 25% discount. Please contact DriveHQ support via email for more detailed information.



2/28/2024 12:10:56 PM

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