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  I am trying to make my ftp site. I've uploaded stuff to my storrage, and made folders and things. I figured that my ftp link would be ftp://ftp.drivehq.com/nisaashley, but that takes me back to drivehq home. I haven't perchased any survices or anything. What am I doing wrong? Sorry, I have no experience in this.

1/26/2008 10:43:11 AM

Noo, your FTP links are like the following:


Now if you want to give others anonymous access to your files, please make sure you publish a folder using DriveHQ website, or using DriveHQ FileManager. You can easily select a folder and click on Publish to publish a folder using FileManager.

Once a folder is published, you can use this FTP link to access it:


You must be a premium user or TRUE user to publish folders.

1/26/2008 1:31:00 PM

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