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I want to use my DriveHQ space as a repository for my employees to upload files and jpgs into.  Can I just "share" my DriveHQ drive with them and have them access it directly?  I do not want to have to send a link, like an invitation, each time.  I have demo'd xdrive in the past and users can just access the mapped xdrive on my machine.  Will this work the same way?  And can I set up accesses and rights once to a "master folder" and have them create and upload into a sub-folder?  Thanks.  The product looks great.  Just want to make sure it will work for my company.

11/2/2006 5:00:23 AM

Yes, it should work as you wanted. If both you and your employee are DriveHQ member, when you share a folder to your employee, the shared folder will be automatically linked to the special virtual folder "DriveHQ Share" of your employee's folder.

You can set different permissions to different folders for different employees.

Many small companies like our Group Account feature. With group account, you can create sub-accounts, manage (Add/remove/disable/enable/edit) sub-accounts, assign storage and bandwidth to them. Sharing folders among the group is extremely easy. The system creates two default shared folder for the group called "GroupRead" and "GroupWrite". You can add more group shared folders as you like. Please feel free to email support@drivehq.com for more info. Our support is available 24x7.

11/2/2006 2:12:18 PM

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