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DriveHQ’s group file sharing feature is very powerful. You can share folders to different users (sub-groups) with different permissions. When a sub-user logs on, he/she can only see folders shared to him/her in the "DriveHQ Share" virtual folder. However, some sub-users might feel it is a little confusing, esp. if they know little about computers. In this case, as the group admin, you can delete all default folders in the sub-account.
There is also a very easy and straight-forward solution by using DriveHQ’s FTP server feature. You can easily direct a sub-user to a shared folder right after logon. It supports drag and drop using Windows Explorer. There is no need to install any software, and there is no confusion at all.
If you share a folder to a sub-user, when the sub-user logs on DriveHQ FTP, the shared folder is available in:
Now, your sub-user only need to copy and paste this path to the address bar of Windows Explorer (or My Computer, NOT Internet Explorer!):
After logon, Windows Explorer will display the shared folder.


11/9/2011 5:36:38 PM

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