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Hi, am a paid member and have created an user account. Before forwarding details to the user, I checked the user account. When I tried to upload or download multiple files (with cuteftp pro) I GOT THE MESSAGE "Free users or Sub users have 2 connections only.  Please upgrade to premium ......" and " child transfer failed" for folders.

How to solve?


3/7/2008 7:54:17 AM

It seems to be a bug; however, please note it is not recommended using multi-threading to download or upload files to DriveHQ server; (It is discouraged to use download manager to download files hosted on DriveHQ FTP as it can be used as a denial of service attack.).

We will correct this problem in the next version FTP server. In the meantime, please use no more that 2 threads (connections) when using a sub-user to logon. Creating many threads / connections won't really speed up the transfer.

It is strongly recommended using DriveHQ FileManager to download / upload files. It is faster than regular FTP; and it has a lot more features than regular FTP: file/folder sharing, group collaboration and automatic folder synchronization features, etc.


3/9/2008 8:53:14 AM

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