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I have been using Drivehq file manager to collaborate in a project with a co worker.

The problem I am having is that after changing a lot of files on my computer and synchronizing it to the server I get some files been uploading and some downloading.

Now, I am sure my co worker did not change any of these files and the sync option I am using is the override older.
The files that are downloading are older ones and are replacing the new updated files on my computer.

How should I set up drive HQ to be able to do this kind of collaboration (share and sync) on a reliable way?

3/26/2008 8:39:30 AM

Sorry we are not sure how it happened. We could not duplicate this issue. Could you please help to provide more info on how to duplicate the problem? Ideally, could you please try a test folder and use some test files so that we can duplicate the problem in our test lab?

You can also make the synchronization a one-way synchronization from local to server.

If you don't want your colleagues to overwrite your files, you can help them setup a synchronization to a folder you share to them. When you share the folder, set the permission to read-only (i.e. View Original).

3/28/2008 11:25:22 AM

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