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i just established a new free account, I need to uplaod a handful of image files for someone to get accees to.  So far, I have 25 MB (12 files) in here, and I need to get about 5 more files up, adding another 10 MB.  I'm no where close to the storage limit, yet everytime I try to add even one file at a time, it goes through the motions, and then says that the file "failed to upload".  It does not say anywhere that there is a limit on quantity or maximum MB per day or anything.  Is there such a limit?  Am I doing something wrong?

3/27/2008 12:28:50 PM

Please note DriveHQ has a limitation on maximum file size and resolution of an image. If your image file is very large, or the resolution is very high, the thumbnail and preview images will not be created and result an upload failure on the website. You can upgrade to a premium account to increase the maximum image resolution and file size. Alternatively, you can use DriveHQ FileManager or DriveHQ FTP to upload your images.

3/28/2008 11:17:44 AM

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