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Please check our subscriber a/c, adeelnasir. We are using ftp application , which upload and download file (any type of file).

We are facing a problem when we going to upload and download a file are showing errors:

1.    Connection timeout the server.

2.     2. Cannot connect the server.

3.     3. Remote Server return an error.


Please reply as soon as possible.





6/7/2012 6:11:52 AM

I am having same issue


6/7/2012 6:27:30 AM

 Unable to connect to FTP as well.

6/7/2012 6:59:04 AM

We're having the same issue. Please fix this asap. This is causing problems for us in production. Its really sad that you guys have no support number/ info line where we can receive some info about this issue

6/7/2012 7:13:30 AM

I emailed and phoned this issue in at 7am EST.  We need this functional and there is no communication from DriveHQ Support on a solution.

6/7/2012 7:51:51 AM

We are very sorry for the incident. Our FTP site had unusually high traffic this morning. It affected quite a lot of new users. It is fixed now.

Please note during the time, proFTP.drivehq.com, www.drivehq.com, DriveHQ FileManager, Online Backup and Drive Mapping all worked well. We will try our best to make sure it does not happen again. In the future, you can also try other methods for accessing your files.  (e.g. proFTP.drivehq.com; or www.drivehq.com, DriveHQ FileManager, Online Backup and Drive Mapping. Note ProFTP.drivehq.com is for paying customers only.)


6/7/2012 9:22:49 AM

 yes ... when the problem solved ? ,, i have change to paid account right now .. :D ... 

6/11/2012 5:22:50 AM

The problem was solved right after we received the error report.

6/11/2012 11:04:39 AM

 I am getting the below error while doing ftp connectivity

org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPConnectionClosedException: Connection closed without indication.

Can anyone help on how to resolve this issue?

10/30/2021 2:32:39 PM

Please test it with a regular FTP client such as FileZilla or a command-line FTP client. Let us know if you can connect to our FTP server, and whether you can log in to our server. If not, please tell us the detailed error message. 

10/31/2021 1:30:49 AM

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