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I am developing an application in VB.NET that allows users to login to their accounts in DriveHQ and upload files using FTP. Everything works fine except when try to send an "enable.ssl" request in order the user to send his/hers credentials encrypted and log in securely to your servers.

Is the option not supported or it's a limitation because I am a free member?

Thanks in advance for your help. Waiting for your reply.

4/11/2012 3:53:31 PM

Sorry FTP over SSL is only available to paid members. Also if you have a paid account, you can access ProFTP.drivehq.com in addition to ftp.drivehq.com

4/11/2012 6:02:06 PM

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I need to be able to use FTPS that is exlpicit, i.e. I need to be able to use port 21.

Before I upgrade my account, could you verify that you support explicit ssl?




10/17/2012 4:38:00 AM

We support FTP over SSL, both implicit and explicit. The port is the default port. For most FTP client software such as FileZilla, you don't need to enter the port number. Just leave it empty and the FTP client software will use the default port.

If you need to enter the port number, FTP over SSL Explicit uses Port 21 to initiate the secure connection.

FTP over SSL implicit uses Port 990.




10/17/2012 8:39:58 PM

"Sorry FTP over SSL is only available to paid members."

Could you note this more specific in the ServiceManual? No where is this information provided...

8/23/2016 2:46:43 AM

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