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 Hi everybody,i have a problem..when i get a file,i cant open it..if i click it,i get a message..the file cannot be open in your browser..install a plug in to open in browser,or download and open manually  (something like this)..

Ok,i download..but i dont know with what program i need to open..i try with ABOBE/ACROBAT,WORD,NOTEPAD,...with all of this,i see just some @%6gyasbd^@15 asyd  (if you know what i mean)..

I think is an image,and i try windows picture..i try internet explorer/firefox/chrome(my browser)..nothing..i try a movie program..nothing:|.


Please help me,which program i need?


SORRY MY ENGLISH,i speak romanian:)..

12/5/2012 11:13:57 AM

It seems you want to open a particular file, but you don't know the file type, nor the application to open the file type.

Sorry the question is not related with DriveHQ's Cloud IT service. You can upload / download any files using DriveHQ FileManager. However, to open a particular file type, you need to search for the application that can open it.


1/14/2013 2:06:35 AM

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