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Hi all, as my subject says i am being redirected to drive hq......i have looked at my account balance and thats fine.....my URL is only 6 months old and i bought it for 2 years....i have disabled it and turned it back on, and that does not work.....any ideas....thanks all.

1/15/2013 7:40:02 AM

 www.printinghouseinc.com is having the same issue, but our FTP works properly.

1/15/2013 8:04:31 AM

We are so sorry for the problem. The problem has been fixed and your website is working fine again.

(FYI, the problem was caused by improvements made to the co-branded / white label service. We accidentally migrated the changes to DriveHQ.com site).

1/15/2013 10:34:01 AM

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