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Hi all I would like to run wwwbackup as a  service on a windows 2000 machine.

I do not want to have to stay logged in to have the job start properly.

Also, how can I choose a nomber of  folders to back up?

12/7/2006 9:39:09 AM

Hi, please note WWWBackup doesn't need to run if you are not using your computer. If this is a desktop PC and if you are logged off, then WWWBackup doesn't need to run.

If you are using it on a server, the current version WWWBackup works just fine; however, it cannot run as a service. We will implement this feature in a future version. For now, you can also use Windows Task Scheduler to run it as a service.

To select multiple backup source folders, please hold Shfit or Ctrl key, and select multiple folders. You can also create multiple backup tasks to backup multiple folders.

12/9/2006 2:15:04 AM

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