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How can I share a file or folder in MAC ?
I am using Cyberduck, but it does not have any share option.
I tried web version (access ftp://), but it launch Finder and it does not have any share option either.


5/1/2008 9:09:35 PM

To share files / folders on Mac, please logon www.drivehq.com, go to Online Storage & Sharing, then select a folder and click on the "Share" button in the tool bar. Once a folder is shared, it is accessible from a web browser or any FTP client software. (Look in the special folder \DriveHQ Share\, which contains folders shared to you from other users.)

Please note you cannot share a folder using regular FTP client software; you can do so from a web browser or DriveHQ FileManager client software. (Sorry, FileManager is not available on Mac)

5/2/2008 3:36:22 AM

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