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I am wondering how to post an image to the forum?

12/14/2006 7:39:05 AM

Hi, you can use regular HTML tags in any messages posted on the forum. Simply swicth to the HTML source view when posting. Click on "HTML" tab at the bottom of the new message editor control. To reference an image, please use the tag:

<img src="PUBLISH_URL">

To link an image, you must use a "publish URL". By default, all your files are secure and private, so you cannot directly link to images in your DriveHQ account. You need to publish the folder to create PUBLISH_URLs. Use the latest FileManager 3.5 client to easily create a lot of PUBLISH_URLs.

I create a sample below; please note you can use size=th, size=pv to link tothumbnail images.

Published folder URL


Publish File URL:




12/14/2006 8:08:02 AM

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