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How much memory does DriveHQ FileManager use when running in the background?  I want to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking at the same time and it needs a lot of RAM.  I've thinking whenever DHQ FM synchronizes it will mess up my speech recogition, cause a long delay, etc.

5/11/2008 4:08:13 PM

DriveHQ FileManager usually uses very little memory. Unless you are working on some very large folders with a huge number of files, it will not use too much memory.

Please note if you are synchronizing a folder, FileManager could use a lot of network bandwidth, making your other network applications slower. Since FileManager always uses incremental upload / download, the synchronization usually only takes a short time, except the first time, which could be much longer dependent on the amount of data and the speed of your network connection.

5/11/2008 9:14:56 PM

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