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When I share a folder with photographs to people in my circle they are asked to input their e-mail address.
When they do that they are told "Share logon failed, the email you input does not match this share!"

Whatever does that mean.....surely people who are not members of drivehq.com should be able to view my photo shares!

Are we missing something here please.



6/2/2008 3:19:18 PM

Please note when you share files to other people, certain levels of access verification is justified. If you want to create static links without verification or logon, please use Publish instead of Share.

"Share" is designed to share your files / folders to a few people only. You can share different folders to different people with different access levels. When sharing photos, you can limit whether other people can download the original size photos.

"Publish" is designed to let anybody to download your files without logon. They can simply click on (or enter) a "Publish URL" and gain read-only access to the files / folders.

To fight service abuse, only "Paid members" or "Free service TRUE members" can publish files / folders. To become a True member, you must use a Private Domain company email address, or deposit $3 into your DriveHQ account.

6/2/2008 5:34:03 PM

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