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  • casacanoas
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 I cannot send email alerts via security ip camera with drivehq mail. Keeps getting error.


SMTP: mail.drivehq.com ou smto.drivehq.com

Port: 25

Any help?


12/24/2013 4:52:17 AM

  • DriveHQSupport
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Subject: Re:Cannot send smtp email via security ip camera

Sorry I am not sure if I can understand the error message. It is not reported by our email server.

For security cameras, it is recommended using our other service: CameraFTP.com, which is designed to offer cloud storage for security cameras. It supports real-time monitoring and cloud recording and playback.

Please visit:


Note: you must sign up a new account on cameraftp.com using a different username and email address.



12/26/2013 12:23:07 AM

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