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I am creating a Desktop app and i need to update some values every 2 hours from a file that I will store in Drive HQ. The file is a XML type and I need to edit the file every hour. I am testing the app with the xml file already stored in Drive HQ, (free unitl I decide to upgrade or not) but when I edit the XML file it doesn´t respond in the Software itself, and that is a disaster, because my program depends 100% on the XML file. It seems that I need to publish the file every time I edit it, and gives me a different URL link for each edition. In my software code I have just one link of the file. So I would like to ask you if there is any way that the URL link of the published XML file could be the same forever, even if I edit and save the file every time I want? I am using visual basic and I will copy paste the code that I am using for this fulcral part of the code. The URL that I was refering before is formatted red color.



        Dim data As Byte()

        Using client As New WebClient()

            data = client.DownloadData("http://www.drivehq.com/file/DFPublishFile.aspx/FileID1838448752/Keyp5wakuo2tard/authors.xlm.txt")

        End Using

        File.WriteAllBytes("c:\myfile.xml", data)

        Dim filePath As String = "Complete path where you saved the XML"



        DataGridView1.DataSource = AuthorsDataSet

        DataGridView1.DataMember = "Noticias"



4/17/2014 11:11:02 AM

If you modify a file, a new file ID will be created in the system to replace the old file. Therefore you cannot use a publish URL containing the original file ID.

There are two solutions for you:

(1) Use our web hosting service. Just upload the file into your wwwhome folder, and your files can be linked as:


You can modify the file, as long as the file name does not change, this URL does not change.

Note: you must be a True or Paid member to use this feature. If you upgraded and it still does not work, you just need to go to Publishes --> Publish My Website, then disable and re-enable your website.

(2) Publish the file's parent folder instead of the file. Once the folder is published, you can use the Folder's Publish URL appended with /FILENAME to link to the file, e.g.:






4/17/2014 1:28:01 PM

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