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i have uploaded some files to my ftp space but am interested to know how to link to them...

is it possible to directly link to a file which has been uploaded to a folder...for example...say i have a folder called /ebay/ with a file called DSC00042.JPG within it.  It is possible to link to this file with a http://www.... file link?


any help is greatly appreciated.

10/10/2010 2:03:26 PM


In order to fight abuse, such as phishing websites, spam, pirated contents, etc. we have limited free users from publishing static links.



For higher security, by default, Files in your DriveHQ.com account cannot be linked with static links. (this is more secure than most other websites).



To create static links on DriveHQ, you must have a paid account, or a true account. To become a true account, you can register your account with a private domain company email address. (ISP email or free email accounts are not valid). You can also deposit at least $3 into your DriveHQ account. Please note a True account is still a free-service account, which is designed for personal and casual use only.



Once you have a True or Paid account, you can select a folder and click on the Publish button to publish a folder. After that, you can use the "Publish URLs" to link to your folder or files.



A more convenience solution is to use our web hosting feature. A default website is automatically created for paid members. The website can be accessed at:





You can copy your files to the wwwhome folder on DriveHQ.com. Files in wwwhome folder can be accessed at:





For True members, you need to logon to www.drivehq.com, go to Online Storage & Sharing --> Publish --> Publish My Website, and disable, then re-enable your website. (This method can also be used to fix web publishing problems).


Again, free users cannot publish websites / folders on DriveHQ. Free users cannot create static links to files on DriveHQ.

10/11/2010 7:13:21 PM

how to get direct my private link of FTP ???

6/21/2014 9:48:55 AM

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