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Hi I have a free account with DriveHQ and I'm looking to upgrade my account to a paid account. One of the issues I had with free service is that it won't allow more than 1 or 2 connections. I looked at the descriptions for different paid plans but couldn't figure out what plans allow for more connections. Please help thanks.

8/18/2014 5:48:41 PM

 Thank you for your email. Assuming you are refering to concurrent ftp connections, there is indeed a limitation on this for our free users, though 2 should not be an issue (at least 5 should be permitted). This limitation to to ensure that we are not having users abuse our service.

Entering into our personal plans, you will be limited to 25 connections. The enterprise and business levels increase this to 50-150 connections depending on the level you go with. If you require more than this, or have other special circumstances, please email support@drivehq.com.

Thanks, and look forward to hearing back from you,

DriveHQ Support Team

8/18/2014 5:59:45 PM

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