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I wonder if you someone can suggest one external POE-IP camera able to setup FTP to upload snapshot every 10 minutes, the old snapshot will be replace every 10 minutes for the new one, this snapshot will be embedded on my  website – and the best plan for this setup.


12/4/2016 11:18:17 AM

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Subject: Re:external POE-IP camera and plan

If you just want image snapshots, I think you can use Trendnet or Hikvision outdoor cameras. They have many camera models that support PoE and FTP image upload.

You can configure the camera to upload 1 image/10minutes. However, on CameraFTP, old images will not be automatically deleted. The minimum retention period is 10 days. But it should work fine for you. The detailed information is available at:



12/4/2016 1:34:38 PM

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