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  • monette999
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 Dear Forum,


I am Bob new in this forum. I am testing the new H 754-GA from Wansview. I have not seen a lot of information about this IPCam. Did anyone using the same IPCamera?

Can we exchange experience with tis Cam ( Firmware & same IPCam´s under different brandings?)


Here a video, only in spanish. sorry.







3/26/2017 1:02:24 AM

  • CameraFTPSupport
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Subject: Re:New Wansview Camera NC-H754GA

We have not tested this model camera. If you want to share any camera info with our users, you should have tested it with our service, otherwise, your post could be deleted.

Looking at the camera's configuration pages, it seems this camera has similar feature set as other Wansview camera documented on our website:


So I believe it works with our Cloud recording service.

4/4/2017 12:46:31 AM

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