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  • patrickgalito
  • (2 posts)

I wanted to know am I am able to view my home camera live from my Iphone 6 plus?  I can record live using the virtual security system, and when using the virtual security system when I walk in front of my camera I can see myself.  However when I go into the cameraftp viewer on my Iphone I can't see anything live, and when my computer goes to sleep I no longer get any alerts.  I'm really confused with the camera license as it says 3/2.  Thanks.


11/2/2017 10:16:10 PM

  • patrickgalito
  • (2 posts)
Subject: Re:IOS Question

 I figured out the camera license issue so I am good on that, but still curious to know if I am able to view live feed from my Iphone without having to have the virtual software running on my computer?

11/2/2017 10:18:39 PM

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