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 When adding an IP Camera, is there an option to add via Layer 3?  The "Scan Local Network" only finds IP cameras on the same Layer 2 network.

1/16/2018 8:38:44 AM

 Hi Etneural, 

The auto-configuration tool is not something that can easily be customized since this was created as a secondary 'helper' tool. Is there any reason you are not configuring your camera(s) directly to upload to CameraFTP? This is the standard way of using CameraFTP: Access your camera configuration pages and fill out your CameraFTP credentials to have the camera upload directly. 

Please email support@cameraftp.com with any other specific questions about the configuration process and we can certainly help troubleshoot more comprehensively. 


CameraFTP Support

1/16/2018 8:49:35 AM

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