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I can't setup my camera during monthe.

10/16/2018 1:04:55 AM

 Hello vlnata, 

Thank you for your post, and sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties. Oddly, I cannot find any record of you reaching out to us via our support channel. Please email support@cameraftp.com for help with your camera configuration if you are having issues. 

CameraFTP Support

10/1/2018 8:06:23 AM

We send the e-mail to support@cameraftp.com

I think that problem step is Motion Detection. See screenshot in attachment.


10/3/2018 12:56:09 PM

I understand your frustration. Configuring an IP camera is not always easy.

Please understand that CameraFTP does not control your IP camera. Our servers cannot connect to your IP camera, so they cannot automatically configure your camera. This way, your IP camera does not need to accessible from the Internet (thus it is more secure). Your IP camera needs to connect to our server and record data to our FTP cloud storage. We don't make or sell IP cameras; we don't select the IP camera for you. We can support you on all matters related with our cloud service, but we can only offer limited support on camera configuration. (There are too many camera brands and models).

Your camera model (Hikvision) seems to be compatible as documented online. Please follow the instructions carefully:


Based on your screenshot, you have not configured motion detection. Please make sure to install the camera plug-in first to view the video in your web browser. If your browser does not support the plug-in, please try a different web browser. (Firefox seems to have better compatibility in many cases. 

After you install the plug-in, you should draw a motion detection area, set motion sensitivity, and configure Snapshot options. Again, please follow the setup guide document carefully. If you have any more issues, please email us the screenshots of other configuration pages (such as FTP server info, motion detection settings, snapshot settings, etc.)


10/3/2018 2:10:55 PM

Only Internet Explorer supports the neen plug-in, not Firefox. It was find out empirically.

10/8/2018 8:02:32 AM

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