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I received a message about exceeding usage so I deleted a bunch of files yesterday but there stilll isn’t any video or events available. What do I need to do? 

8/11/2019 2:47:18 PM

CameraFTP offers "more than enough" (or "unlimited") storage space based on your subscription plan. Please make sure to configure your camera(s) based on your subscribed plan. In your case, your camera is uploading much more data than the plan you subscribed to. To find more details, please log on to cameraftp.com website, go to My Cameras page, then click the gear icon below your camera thumbnail. It will display Camera properties/settings page. You can find the camera parameters in this page. In your case, it is as follows:

To solve the problem, you can:

(1) Upgrade your subscription to video recording at 640x480, 2fps;


(2) Change your camera uploading parameters. Set it to: Image recording at 320x240, 1 image/6 seconds.

8/12/2019 10:30:04 AM

 I received the same error message and I don't understand how to change my parameters to match my plan and I also don't quit understand how to get a trusted free account 

7/14/2022 2:40:44 AM

I checked it and noticed that you just signed up for a free trial account. CameraFTP offers 3-day free trial. After 3 days, you need to order a subscription. If you need more time to try the service, you can log in to CameraFTP.com website and extend the free trial for 1 day at any time. You can extend it for many times until you find out whether CameraFTP service works for you or not. 

So in your case, you just need to order a susbcription based on your requirements and budget. To lower the price, you just need to lower the recording parameters. Motion-triggered recording usually can save 50% over continuous recording. For regular home/business monitoring, and if your camera can upload video clips, or if you use CameraFTP VSS software or CameraFTP mobile security camera app, then video-recording plans are usually better than image-recording plans. 

For more detailed information about CameraFTP Pricing, please watch this video:



7/14/2022 9:25:41 AM

 Okay so I realize that right now I have a free account to try the system out but every time I have deleted my camera reset it up configured it to what it says I'm supposed to configure it to I get about 10 maybe 15 minutes of recording and that's it I know that the motion is on because I'm using my laptop webcam and the VSS software I'm not going to pay for service or subscription until I can see that it actually works the way that I want it to and only getting 10 minutes of video if that is not enough to convince me to purchase a subscription what is the solution here because I'm not getting enough video feed I can't check live feed when I know that it's currently recording

7/15/2022 8:46:01 AM

Somehow you configured VSS to record image snapshots. VSS can support continuous or motion-triggered video recording, as well as image snapshot recording. Please open VSS software window, hover your mouse on top of your camera live view, then click the Edit (pencil) icon. You can then change it to record video. Please see the screenshot below:


In the recording tab, select the (free trial) video recording license instead of the image recording license.

For more detailed information about VSS software, please watch the VSS tutorial video:


If you use a webcam as an IP camera, you can also watch this video:




7/15/2022 9:06:36 AM

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