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I've had a few motion detection alerts.  This morning, I had a motion detection alert email that included the image of a bird hovering in front of the camera.  The motion detected notice from cameraftp had an image, but no bird was present.  The image time stamp was several seconds after the time stamp on the image that actually captured the cause of the motion.  This has happened several times already where the email alert included an image with the cause of the motion, but none of the images stored on cameraftp had the cause of the motion.  What is the point of storing images here if they don't get the images that have the cause of the alert in them?  Just wondering why this is happening.

4/24/2020 8:12:11 AM

If you received a motion detection alert from CameraFTP, it means the image was uploaded to CameraFTP. You can log on to CameraFTP.com website and play back the footage. You can start from a time that is a couple minutes before the event. 

If you use image recording and the upload frequency is low, it may not be able to catch all events. You can increase your camera's upload frequency, or change to video recording. (If your camera is capable of).

I noticed that your camera's recording parameters exceed the parameters of your subscribed plan. You can re-configure your camera to upload based on your plan parameters, or upgrade your subscription to match your camera's recording parameters. 

5/16/2020 6:13:06 PM

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